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Standing true in its name with an eclectic range of cuisines and drinks.
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Stationed eminently on Karnal Highway LORDS - Resto & Bar, the largest lounge bar with restaurant in Karnal believes in offering a unique culinary adventure to its people. An upmarket place for fine dining and a go-to place for the partygoers, LORDS believes in delivering its visitors with the most unrivalled experience.

One of the biggest lounges bar in Karnal, LORDS was born from a desire to create an intimate setting of actual heaven on Earth. The notion behind building this spectacular club in Karnal was to transport its visitors into a world of eternal ecstasy wherein, a gastronomic food menu and thirst-quenching yet tropical flavoured drinks await them in the most resplendent way. Dwell into this ambrosial bliss where you can relish the most delectable and appetizing cuisines from around the globe on Delhi Chandigarh Highway.

LORDS - Resto & Bar an enchanting venue is created with a grail to impart an exhilarating experience to its visitors where the party lovers revel the best times of their lives dancing to the tunes of intoxicating DJ. Relax and unwind at one of the best restaurant and bar in Karnal. The unbeatable vibe which people create makes LORDS one of the most sought after nightlife spots in Karnal.

Boasting of a seating capacity of around 200 people, you will experience a magnanimous yet alluring space around yourself. One of the most spacious yet finely furnished lounges bar in Karnal, LORDS-Resto & Bar is a perfect place for celebrating any occasion from kitty parties to birthday parties, get-togethers to corporate meetings or any social events. We take it in our stride to offer each and every soul entering our restaurant and lounge a worthwhile yet unforgettable experience. Our team leaves no stone unturned in making your special day an extravagant yet spectacular affair by offering par excellence services today and in times to come.

What We Provide

A paradise on Earth culminating to cater to the zeal of having an extraordinary time amidst the
lavish ambience with unparalleled service and delightful food & drinks.

Electrifying Dj

Scrumptious Food

Exotic Drinks
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